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From the first note, maestro Attilio Cremonesi set the tone in the sound and we realized that the Philharmonic Orchestra was not the same as always. It had a dry, cutting sound, almost no vibrato, a baroque sound almost like using only original instruments. Very avant-garde, great concertmaster, successful consolidation work, an even and disciplined sound marked this version of “Las Boda de Figaro” in the orchestral part.

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The performance of the orchestra responded simply to what was expected: the presence of the Italian maestro Attilio Cremonesi, gave personality, musical semblance, to a Philharmonic that fulfilled this premiere, one of its most memorable presentations so far this season.

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Attilio Cremonesi a director of much greater draft. His work is formidable, eliciting magnificent responses from the Philharmonic Orchestra and handling voices at his fingertips.


The Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra was under the direction of the Italian Attilio Cremonesi, who impressed and enchanted the audience with his dedicated conduction. He was just a show.

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Fundamental support of the quality of these Mozartian Weddings was the conduction of the maestro Attilio Cremonesi, in charge of the Philharmonic Orchestra, an energetic, agile and enormously vital reading. His orchestral direction served on a silver platter all the virtues of the score, which deeply reflects the vertigo of the action without neglecting that note of melancholic emotion that floats in many scenes, even in some comedic ones. Without a doubt one of the best musical directions of the last seasons. His Mozart was lively, energetic, bold, sentimentally festive and very present.

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The conductor Attilio Cremonesi knows deeply the score of this fascinating and jovial work. When in front of the Orchestra, Cremonesi completely dominates the show. His body vibrates with the notes, he is attentive to the sound of each instrument and to the voice of each solo singer. Theirs is attentive and intense driving from start to finish, which is attractive is its cleanliness and precision.

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