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… Mozart’s music for whose blazing emotions the Italian Attilio Cremonesi has a practiced knowledge and a subtle ear. Cremonesi conducts the piece so permeably for its rhetoric, the pulsating affects, as one has hardly heard them so “speaking” before. He and the Kammerorchesterbasel create a vital sound language in which the musical moments of expression are shaped and at the same time broken up – through many variations and decorations, fermatas, pauses and small improvisations, in the orchestra and with the singers. Vibrant liveliness is a musical imperative.

[Süddeutsche Zeitung]
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A wonderful Mozart tone can be heard from the orchestra pit. Attilio Cremonesi at the podium elicits a flatter, slim tone from the Basel Chamber Orchestra, rich in color in the instrumental details, enriched with a baroque touch. Musically a genus.

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The internationally renowned conductor and early music specialist Attilio Cremonesi explores Mozart’s score to all its extremes. His handling of the tempos is also exciting. In Adagio passages he lets the flow stagnate, making it clear how Mozart’s characters doubt themselves, hesitate, are unsure of their feelings. In stark contrast to this, he sets the fast-played Allegro parts, which sometimes tell us about the anger of the characters, then again about moments of euphoria. Mozart’s music swings wonderfully there. He savored the breaks, halting the action, as it were: a brief hesitation, reflection.

[Basellandschaftliche Zeitung]
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Heard the overture a thousand times. From the orchestra pit it sounded different than usual: sensitive, slim, without forced Turkish brutality, but with baroque dress, of which Mozart’s score does not yet know. Conductor Attilio Cremonesi has the Basel Chamber Orchestra firmly under control, repeatedly sets design accents and leads the singers tightly.

[Basler Zeitung]
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A Mozart’s opera like this cannot be heard in any recording! A haunting, sometimes too mannered performance by the Basel Chamber Orchestra under Attilio Cremonesi that gets under your skin.

[Deutschland Radio]
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Attilio Cremonesi and the Basel Chamber Orchestra bring much of the knowledge of historical performance practice to their music-making, above all they achieve a lively sound speech with imaginative decorations, transparent, richly graduated tone, precisely set fermatas and pauses.

[Neue Zürcher Zeitung]
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The Basel Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Attilio Cremonesi presented an exciting Mozart sound. It was extremely differentiated in terms of tempos and volume, never striking in its effect.

[Die Rheinpfalz]
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The Basel Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Attiilo Cremonesi plays incredibly filigree, finely balanced in the phrasing and with colorful, iridescent timbres.

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