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The musical direction of Attilio Cremonesi reveals empathy with the dramatic development and translates the variety of emotions and contrasts of the score in full harmony with the singing and with the choreographic movement. The orchestra with its precise and bright sound is noteworthy. The choir of the Fenice is remarkable for its musical precision. Great and deserved success for a show of rare perfection.


The strings of the Fenice orchestra were directed by Attilio Cremonesi according to an interpretative line of articulated expressive range, chiaroscuro as necessary, well-defined in time, stylistically adequate in phrasing, capable of enhancing Purcell’s melodic invention.

[Il Giornale di Vicenza]
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Skilled musical execution, with the musical direction of Attilio Cremonesi, capable of making our strings play as if they were ancient instruments.

[Il Gazzettino di Venezia]
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