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The specialist Attilio Cremonesi was hired for Handel’s masterpiece. And it is astonishing how the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra, otherwise hardly familiar with this music, is immersed in the style, coloristics and dynamics of this early music. The Italian maestro is extremely concentrated, confident and animated, and the musicians follow him with great energy willingly and enthusiastically. Constant ovation that has not been seen here for a long time.

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Under the agile, Italian maestro Attilio Cremonesi, there is lively action with enormous drive, ideal terrace dynamics, then again melancholy veiled in wide tonal colors and high emotional intensity is generated.

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Responsible for the successful surprise is Attilio Cremonesi, who animates the orchestra to diversify Handel’s music with rich nuances, deeply felt and also dance-like.

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Attilio Cremonesi leads the brilliantly arranged Carinthian Symphony Orchestra through the score with sensitivity and temperament at the same time. Intonation, phrasing and dynamics leave little to be desired.

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…At the end a special hymn of praise should be sung to the musical direction – it was probably the decisive basis for the great overall success of the evening: the Italian baroque specialist Attilio Cremonesi had done a great rehearsal job! The Klagenfurt Symphony Orchestra almost surpassed itself in an unfamiliar terrain. Cremonesi conducted with great precision, commitment and tension – the balance of the tempi was ideal. Something never seemed rushed or procrastinated. The Klagenfurt orchestra followed the maestro in a concentrated manner and with many very beautiful solo performances.

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Under the musical direction of Attilio Cremonesi, the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra was once able to prove what it can do. The musicians accompany the singers like a well-oiled engine, Cremonesi has wonderfully sounded out the score.

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