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To all honor, the main architect of this success for us is Attilio Cremonesi. From the opening, the tone is set: the transparency of colors, their affirmation, their contrasts, their fusion, rhythmic vivacity, the dynamics of accents, so many elements of the speech to which the orchestra adheres with reactivity, flexibility and a conviction that make him an essential protagonist.


It is the smile of Attilio Cremonesi who conducts very attentively, perfect choir and orchestra, sublime basset horn. And we have the immense pleasure of being able, until the last encore, to applaud the musicians happily prisoners of their grave.

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Attilio cremonesi smiling and happy with his orchestra seeks to give the performance lightness and depth … It is to Cremonesi that we owe essentially the emotional moments, and particularly in the second half of the second act, where the we approach a form of noble grandeur without gravity.

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Attilio Cremonesi’s direction is a remarkable balance between nobility of tone and drama. The Chef is present everywhere and supports the singers to perfection. The score is crystal clear and everything moves forward with ease. Its direction allows Mozart’s rich score to shine in particular.


The convincing choirs are in unison with an orchestra superbly conducted by Attilio Cremonesi in a totally Mozartian spirit, which is not often the case in the Capitol pit…

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