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Attilio Cremonesi taking care of the colors of an Orchestra of the Capitol of the great days (the overture is a treat), conducts everything with precision, flexibility and poetry.

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The full blazing orchestra conductor belongs to Attilio Cremonesi, whose nuanced complicity of amiable authority works wonders with the Orchestra and soloists. An airy and rhythmic direction of good humor which makes the strings sparkle and the Harmony and the brass instruments shine. But above all, Attilio Cremonesi has this smile held by the indescribable tenderness to Rossini. Bon vivant, may without excessive overflows. Delicate and elegant, intelligent and loving with a deep tenderness this incomparable music.

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From the opening, we know that the Capitol Orchestra is in great health with perfectly elegant horn and trumpet soloists. Attilio Cremonesi conducts with energy and passion, a more subtle score than it seems. The balance with the vocals is ideal, and the large ensembles, especially the glorious first finale, are balanced.


In the pit, under the panache of Italian conductor Attilio Cremonesi, the National Orchestra of the Capitoline Theater crackles with glee, irresistible and “foaming” like a tall glass of Asti.

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As for the direction of Attilio Cremonesi, the dynamic he instigates in the National Capitol Orchestra … attentive to highlighting the expressive potential of the colors and flavors of a phalanx more accustomed to the great symphonic repertoire. He doesn’t have to rush the rhythm of the score to liven it up, and skillfully takes advantage of the fluidity between the desks. Without doubt, the theatrical truth of the spectacle lies in this inventive direction.


The whole performance also relies on the qualities of the orchestra conducting, chorus and singers, by the evening’s music master, conductor Attilio Cremonesi. From the opening, he sets the tone and will not weaken until the final table, very attentive to everything that happens on the palteau. It’s lively, precise, without any heaviness: from the Rossini, which the Capitol Orchestra fully adheres to the intentions as well as the Capitol Choirs.

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In the pit, maestro Attilio Cremonesi, a specialist in this repertoire, conducts the Orchester du Capitole with an extreme research into the dynamics of both nuance and tempo. A delight.

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The Capitoline Orchestra knows Attilio Cremonesi well. Thanks to this complicity, each desk knows how to give Rossini what it owes: the delicacy and the colors of the tones, the liveliness of the rhythm, the shine and the silky feel, the beauty of playing together.

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Conductor Attilio Cremonesi leads the National Capitol Orchestra with ease. He transmits his energy, giving all the implusions and breaths. The a cappella quintet of act 2 is conducted with precise gestures that contribute to the beauty of this ensemble.

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